Paprica Lab strives to achieve the values of peace and a happy life for humanity through innovative research and development.

CEO l Representative

Jung In, Kim

Jung In, Kim

(Current) Clinical Professor, Seoul National University Hospital Doctor of Science

Medical Physics, Seoul National University College of Medicine

CEO l Representative

Hong Kyun, Woo

Hong Kyun, Woo

(Current) Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, Seoul National University Hospital

(Current) Head of GCC-HITS(Gijang Cancer Center for Heavy Ion Therapy and Study)

Medical Physics, Seoul National University College of MedicineDoctor of Medicine

About Us

Improving the
quality of life

We are a company founded jointly by
practicing radiation oncologists and medical physicists
with extensive experience and expertise in the clinical field,
aiming to enhance the quality of life
or patients and their families.

What we do

Innovative research

Through innovative research and development,
we manufacture essential medical materials,
measurement instruments, and experimental
equipment required in the field of radiation medicine
using Korean pure technology. Our goal is to promote
the safety and precision in radiation medical services.

Our Goal

Global Unicorn in the
Radiation Medicine Industry

We promise to contribute to the safety and
health promotion of all of humanity by
researching and developing the world’s
first wearable dosimeter, protecting them
from unnecessary radiation exposure.